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Team-Based Primary Care Measures Database

Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework (see Figure below) presents inputs, mediators, and outputs of effective teamwork in primary care. “Inputs” refer to “precursors” or “pre-conditions” that make it possible for teams to exist. “Mediators” are processes that occur within the team. “Outputs” are the results of effective teamwork.

The focus of the instruments in this Atlas is on the following mediators of high-functioning teams: Cognitive (sense-making, continuous learning, shared explicit goals and accountability, and evolving mental models of roles), Affective/Relational (trust, respectful interactions, heedful inter-relating, and commitment), Behavioral (communication, adaptable to context and needs, and conflict resolution), and Leadership.

Definitions of each construct can be found on the Construct Definitions page.  

Figure. Schematic of the Conceptual Framework for Team-based Primary Care

For a higher resolution framework schematic, please download the PDF version (PDF file, 2.3MB)